Japan Traditional Culture Festa | Apr.25-29. 2019

A local event held at Ueno Park, includes Ninja experience, food stalls and some performances on stage.

Tokyo Art & Antiques | Apr.26-28 2018

The art event takes places in the area between Nihonbashi and Kyobashi districts where many art galleries are located.

JAPAN HOBBY SHOW | Apr.26 - 28 2018

One of the largest hobby exhibitions in the world, showcasing all kinds of hobby-related tools, materials and accessories.

Mashiko Spring Pottery Market (Toukiichi) Apri.28-May.6 2018)

More than 500 pottery stalls will take place at this market and sell various types of potteries; teacups, rice bowls and Ramen bowls, designed in a traditional or modern Japanese style. Walking around the market to find your favourite will be fun.

Arakawa ward market festival | Apr.29 2018

A local event basically held for people living in Arakawa-ku in Tokyo. 

Kuohzei Local Food Festival at Hibiya Park | Apr.5-8 2018

A large food festival held at Hibiya Park near the Imperial Palace in Central Tokyo.

Teruhime Princess Festival | April 22 2018

People in traditional Japanese dress and in Samurai costume parade along streets. Dance performance is also held in Shakuji-koen Park.

TECHNO-FRONTIER | Apr.18 - 20 2018

Advance Electronic & Mechatronic Devices and Components Exhibition where professionals search for the future

Yabusame Horseback Archery at Asakusa Sumida-koen Park | Apr.21.2018

Yabusame is the art of shooting arrows on horseback, performed as a traditional ceremony that derives from horse riding exercises for Samurai Warriors.

Oiran Geisha Festival at Asakusa Kannon-ura Street | Apr.14.2018

This street festival is held at Komatsubashi Dori Street in the northern district of Asakusa, situated at the back of Sensoji Temple.

Hana Matsuri Festival at Sensoji Temple in Asakusa | Apr.8.2018

A traditional festival to celebrate Buddha’s birthday held at Asakusa Sensoji Temple. 

Motor Sport Japan Festival in Odaiba | Apr.14 and 15.2018

This is an event held to promote motorsports in Japan. Admission is free.