Events in Japan

August - 8 : Hachi-gatsu

Events in Japan

Omiya Nakasendo Festival is a traditional summer festival held in Omiya, featuring Mikoshi (miniature shrines) floats parades, and Taiko drumming and traditional dances performed on streets in the evening around JR Omiya Station (East exit).    

Has a history of 400 years, this traditional festival now integrates three large events that include the parade of floats, Mikoshi (portable shrine) carrying, and dancing of thousand people. One of the headlights is Tengu Mikoshi, carrying large objects of Tengu, a long-nosed goblin, that only women are allowed to carry, somehow.

A large summer festival held in Fussa, Tokyo municipal, has 400,000 visitors every year. During the festival, the streets are decorated with colorful Tanabata items and 100 stalls line there. People parade and dance through the streets. 

This “advanced” type of Tanabata Festival is basically held to promote the Asagaya shopping street, and most of the objects exhibited along the 700m-long street are handmade by the shop owners, looking funny, cheap, artistic, surreal and chaotic, taken as 'Kawaii' by visitors. 

URAGAWA - Selected Works from CCMA Collection - Paintings and Prints from Edo Period/Contemporary Art
From Aug.5 to Aug.27 2017
Venue: Chiba City Museum, Chiba prefecture

Known as one of the three largest annual festivals established in Edo period (1603-1868), Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri is such a popular traditional festival where 300,000 visitors come to see. The highlight of this festival is the parade of people carrying more than 120 Mikochi (portable shrines), and splashing water over the Mikoshi and the streets. 

This night event held at the Sumidagawa Riverside in Asakusa where people float paper lanterns to pray for peace.