Has a history of 400 years, this traditional festival now integrates three large events that include the parade of floats, Mikoshi (portable shrine) carrying, and dancing of thousand people. One of the headlights is Tengu Mikoshi, carrying large objects of Tengu, a long-nosed goblin, that only women are allowed to carry, somehow.

From central Tokyo by train, Numata is on the way to Minakami, a resort known for outdoor activities such as Rafting, Canyoning and Skiing.

Numata Matsuri

August 3rd(Thu) - 5th(Sat) 2017
Location: Numata City, Gumma prefecture

 Infomation by Numata City (Japanese website)

YouTube by MaturiJP

Getting there
From JR Ueno Station take the train "JR Kaisoku" on the Takasaki Line bound for Numata
(2hrs 25min. 3110 JPY)


You may need to change train at Takasaki to take the JR Joetsu-sen Line bound for Minakami.
(Total travel time 2hr 39min. 2590 JPY)

From Numata Station, it is a 15 min walk to the festival place.