A night market held along Hinohara-kaido way in front of JR Musashi-Itsukaichi Station. Handmade lanterns line and shine in the market place, has a calm and friendly atmosphere of the old town in Tokyo.

Around the market place, some street musicians in traditional costume play Japanese musical instruments such as Shakuhachi flute and Koto harp. Stores along the road serve their specialities during the festival. 

Nostalgic Night Market at Akigawa Valley
秋川渓谷 ヨルイチ

August 26th(Sat) 2017 from 16:00(4:00PM) to 22:00(10:00PM)
Venue: JR Musashi Itsukaichi Station (on the road and market place in front of the station)

Official website (Japanese website)

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Akigawa Valley, a nature-rich countryside just one hour away from Central Tokyo