URAGAWA - Selected Works from CCMA Collection - Paintings and Prints from Edo Period/Contemporary Art
From Aug.5 to Aug.27 2017
Venue: Chiba City Museum, Chiba prefecture

About Chiba City Museum of Art
Chiba City Museum of Art (CCMA) has a collection of works by renowned artists including Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Katsushika Hokusai, Toshusai Sharaku and Ito Jakuchu. The museum is in the facility building that includes Chiba City’s ward office, art library, restaurant, and auditorium. The building has been built in renovation, based on a classic architecture built in 1927, featured with the columns on the ground floor. 

Getting there
15 min walk from JR Chiba Station (East Exit)

Official Website
Chiba City Museum of Art (CCMA)