Beer Festival at Ryogoku Edo Noren Restaurants | Jul.27-Sep.1

Ryogoku Edo Noren, a restaurant area in JR Ryogoku station, situated near Edo-Tokyo Museum, will hold a special summer event to enjoy beers on every Friday and Saturday between Jul.27 and Sep.1.

Ryogoku Edo Noren is a facility in JR Ryogoku Station, comprises of specialty restaurants offering Japanese cuisines which have been favored by Tokyoites. The facility features the decorations in traditional Japanese style and has a Sumo Ring. Ryogoku Edo Noren is now known as another attraction in Ryogoku town.

Beer Festival at Ryogoku Edo Noren Restaurants
-両国- 江戸NORENビール祭り

During the event, all the restaurants in the facility will offer a glass of beer at 300 JPY. Also, special menus will be provided for the event.

Every Friday and Saturday from July 27 to September 1. 2018
Venue: Ryogoku Edo-Noren in JR Station

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