Events in Tokyo and the vicinity

December - 12 : Jyuni-gatsu

Events in Japan

Skate Exchange powered by JTB | Dec. 1 2018

An international skateboarding event will be held in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, featuring the international top female skateboarders coming to Japan.

Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks in December

Winter fireworks performed at Odaiba on Saturdays in December.

Flea Market in Setagaya (Boroichi Market) | Dec. 15 and 16. 2018

A traditional market with a history over 400 years, more than 700 stalls line in the streets. There is the Daikan-yashiki 代官屋敷, a former residence of the local governor (Samurai house) near the market place.

Hagoita Market at Asakusa | Dec. 17-19. 2018

A traditional market held at Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa, annually takes place from 17th to 19th of December.

Year-end Market at Yagenborifudo Temple, Nihonbashi | Dec.26-28. 2018

A year-end market held at Nihonbashi, a historic wholesale district in Tokyo. Though this market is mainly to sell New Year's decorations, wholesalers also join the market and hold special sales of foods, clothes and more.

Fox Parade at Oji | Dec.31. 2018 (Midnight)

Traditional midnight parade in fox costume

Japan SMEs Tech & Service, Tokyo | Dec. 11-13. 2018

This exhibition will take place to showcase new products, services, and technology elaborated and developed by Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises.

SEMICON JAPAN | Dec. 11-13. 2018

The semiconductor supply chain with more than 750 exhibiting companies from Japan and other regions will showcase innovative solutions.

Kumade Market at Oji Shrine | Dec. 6. 2018

A traditional market for Kumade lucky charms annually takes place at Oji-jinja Shrine in Oji Town.

Live & Theater Expo 2018 (THEATEX) | Dec.5-7. 2018

Exhibition for showcasing stage equipment and services

Japan Theme Park Expo (PARX) | Dec.5-7. 2018

An exhibition featuring theme park and leisure facilities and services.

International Leisure & Attraction Japan | Dec.5-7. 2018

An exhibition featuring leisure sports industries in Japan.

Leisure & Outdoor Expo (LEIX) | Dec.5-7. 2018

Facilities, Equipment and services for recreation sports activities.

EcoPro 2018 | Dec. 6 - 8 2018

Environment and Society of the SDGs Era, and to the Future -
Eco-products, Eco-solutions, Environmental and Energy technology, Environmental, CSR initiatives, SDGs


One of the largest antique markets in Tokyo, some 300 dealers will participate and sell different kinds of antiques.

Handmade Market in Senju (Tenomono Ichi) | Dec. 9th 2018

A local market event organized by community groups in Senju town. The market will take place at a shrine and traditional old Japanese house in Nakacho district there.

Fukushima Food & Culture Festival | Dec. 9. 2018

A large event to promote the food and culture of Fukushima Prefecture, held at Tokyo International Forum near Yurakucho Station. Admission Free.

iRex International Robot Exhibition | Dec.18 - 21. 2019

The Exhibition for presenting latest robot technologies and innovation, held with the theme, “The Robot Revolution Has Begun –Toward Heartwarming Society-”.