Event News

Susano Shrine Traditional Festival | Jun.1-3 2018

A traditional festival held at Susano-jinja Shrine in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo. People in the town carry Mikoshi portable shrines and parade in the street around the shrine.

Houzuki(Ground cherry) Market at Atago-jinja Shrine | Jun.23 - 24

Atago-jinja Shrine is located on the hill top of Atagoyama or Mt Atago, the highest mountain in the 23 wards of Tokyo, at an altitude of 25.7m. Atago-jinja Shrine is known for the thrilling, steep stone stairs. On the hill top of Atagoyama there is also NHK Museum of Broadcasting, the admission is free.

Firework Festival in Katsushika | Jul. 24. 2018

A large fireworks festival held at the Edogawa Riverside in Tokyo. About 13000 fireworks will be set off.

Bunkyo Ajisai (Hydrangea) Festival | Jun.9 - 17 2018

Bunkyo Ajisai Matsuri (Hydrangea) Festival) is held at Hakusan-jinja shrine and the Hakusan-koen garden in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. More than 3,000 hydrangeas will be in full bloom during the festival.

Firework Festival in Adachi | July. 21. 2018

One of the largest fireworks festival held in Tokyo. Some 12 thousand of fireworks will be set off. Since this festival is held at the riverbank of the Arakawa River, visitors can sit back and lay on the ground while watching.

Handmade Market in Arakawa City | Jun.9.2018

Arakawa City Art Culture Promotion Foundation holds a handmade product market at the event hall near Nippori Fabric Town. Admission is free.

Kagurazaka Matsuri Festival | Jul. 25-28 2018

Hozuki(Japanese lantern plant) Market will be held at the temple in Kakurazaka. A traditional Japanese folk dance will also be performed on the streets there.

The World's Best Cosplay Performance Championship (WCS) in Aichi | Jul.28-Aug.5 2018

One of the largest cosplay events held in Japan. Cosplayers from over 30 countries come to Aichi Prefecture and join this event to compete for the championship.  

Hiejinja Shrine Sanno Matsuri | Jun.7 - 17 2018

One of the three largest traditional festivals in Tokyo and even in Japan, has a long history back to the Edo Period

Tsukishima Kusaichi Street Market | Jul.7-8 2018

A folk market held at Tsukishima old town known for Monja Street.About 150 stalls will line there.

Giant Doll Parade at Sawara | Jul.13-15 2018

During the 3-day festival, various events  are staged on streets in Sawara old town, featuring parading of Dashi floats decorated with giant Samurai dolls, accompanying of traditional festival music "Sawara-bayashi"

Japanese Iris Festival in Adachi-ku | Jun.2 - 3 2018

A local festival held at Shoubunuma-koen Garden in Ayase, Adachi-ku ward, where more than 8000 iris flowers will be in bloom, and Jazz music will be played under the trees. During the festival, a world-food festival will also take place in Ayase town. Admission is free for both.

Asakusa Kappabashi Tanabata Festival | Jul.5-9 2018

During the festival, the street is decorated with bamboos with colorful wishing paper, and various folk arts will be performed there on the weekend.

Saururus Chinensis at Kamakura Central Park is at its best in late June

Lies in the north-west of Kamakura historic town, this 23.7-hectares park boasts its landscapes created by nestling wild gardens into the natural setting. 

Narita-san Gion Festival | Jul.6-8 2018

Naritasan Gion is a religious festival held at Naritasan Temple and the nearby area in Narita, Chiba Prefecture. With a history of over 300 years, this traditional festival takes place annually in summer, in the hope of bountiful crops, the welfare of its people and dreams to come true. The highlight of the festival is parading of gorgeously decorated floats and people in traditional dress.

Nishiaraidaishi Yosakoi Dance Festival | Jul.1.2018

A local dance festival will take place at Nishiarai-Daishi, a large temple in north Tokyo. During this festival, 20 dancing teams will perform Yosakoi dance in front of the temple. Yosakoi is an advanced folk dance originally from Kochi Prefecture on Shikoku Island. The feature of Yosakoi dance is to dance lively in a group

Shimoda Ajisai (Hydrangea) Festival | Jun.1 - 30 2018

Held at Shimoda Koen Park situated on a small mountain near the Perry Road in Shimoda, Izu. 3 millions of various Hydrangea flowers will color the park while this festival is held.

Traditional Japanese Martial Art Performance Ceremonies at Kashima-jingu Shrine | Jun.10.2018

Built in 660, Kashima-jingu Shrine is one of the greatest three shrines in the greater Tokyo area, has been dedicated to the god of martial arts. The ceremonies include the performance of Kobudo demonstrations and Momoteshiki Samurai Archly.

Iris and Hydrangea Festival at Odawara Castle (near Hakone) | Jun 2-17 2018

Japanese Iris (Shobu) and hydrangea (Ajisai) in the castle garden will be in bloom during the festival period. Admission is free to enter the garden.

In late June, the roses in Karuizawa Lake Garden are at their best

Lies in Karuizawa, one of the most exclusive resorts in Nagano Prefecture, the Karuizawa Lake Garden boasts the rose gardens nestled in a natural setting, filled with 3500 roses in 400 different varieties.