Event News

Plum Village Festival at Takao | Mar. 10 and 11 2018

This plum festival is held near Mt Takao, known as the most popular hiking spot in Tokyo. In this 4.5km-long area, there are 10,000 plum trees along the riverside, walking paths in plum forests and the private gardens.

Daruma Dall Market at Jindaiji Temple | Mar 3 and 4 2018

The Jindaiji Daruma Doll Market is one of the three largest Daruma Dall Markets in Japan. The Daruma Dolls, a lucky charm to wish one’s dream come true, are sold at nearly 300 stalls standing around the Jindaiji temple where Daruma Mass is held. Over 300 years this annual market has been popular among people living in Tokyo.

Ume (plum flower) Festivals

Location: Tokyo and the surrounding area
Season: Late February 

In Tokyo and the vicinity Ume flower blooms in February and a number of Ume flower festivals take place around this time of the year.

For details, see this page: Ume viewing spots in Tokyo and the vicinity 

Sawara Water Parade | Mar 10 2017

A water parade held on Onogawa stream in the Sawara historic district. Small boats with musicians and people in traditional Japanese clothes move gently on the stream fringed with old Japanese houses. Sawara is rather close to Narita city where the Narita International Airport is located in.

Ume Plum Flower Festival at Mt.Tsukuba | Feb.14-Mar.21 2018

The plum flower (Ume) festival held Mt. Tsukuba (Tsukubasan). The plum forest is located at 250m high on the Mount Tsukuba has 1000 plum trees and overlook the city of Tsukuba. On a sunny, clear day Skytree in Tokyo or even Mt.Fuji can be seen up there.

Spring Garden Festival at Tobu Treasure Garden | Apr.1 - May 6 2018

Located in Tatebayashi City, eastern Gunma Prefecture, Tobu Treasure Garden is a flower park that boasts some 4000 varieties of flowers blooming in the parkland of 80000 square meters. On March 25th, 2017, a seasonal flower garden has opened in the park area and the garden is filled with 80 thousand flowers including Moss Phlox, Nemophila, and Rinaria.

Freesia Festival in Hachijojima of Tokyo Islands | Mar.25 - Apr.8 2018

During the season of this festival, 350000 of Freesia flowers will colorfully cover the fields on Hachijojima Island. The highlight of this festival is the infiorata held as a part of Tokyo Infiorata Week 2018.

Spring Festival in Tokyo - Tokyo Opera Nomori | Mar.16 - Apr.15, 2018

One of the largest music festivals held in Ueno, Tokyo. During the period of this festival, about 150 classical music concerts will be held at the public facilities in Ueno Park, museums, music halls.

Ume Festival held near Tokyo tower | Feb.16 and 17 2018

This festival is held at a historic garden Shibakoen which lies near Zojoji temple and Tokyo Tower.  At the festival tea ceremony and traditional music can be enjoyed.

Tokyo Marathon | Feb. 25. 2018

Date: February 25th (Sun)  2018
Location: Central Tokyo within 23 wards

AnimeJapan 2018 | Mar. 24 and 25 2018

The largest Anime exhibition held in Tokyo. You can find all about Anime there. 

Sake Festival at Hakkoh-no-sato in Chiba | Mar.25.2018

This local event will be held at the two of Sake breweries with a history of over 300 years. In this event,  you will get a chance of joining Sake brewery tours and free Sake tasting. On streets, about 200 stalls will line and sell special local foods, such as Miso paste and pickles. Some Japanese folk music will be performed on the stage there, which is good for families.