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Flower Market Festival in Edogawa City
May 3 and 4. 2023

This is a promotional event with flowers and fresh vegetables for sale.

Edogawa City has one of the largest vegetable and flower production areas within 23 wards of Tokyo. Farmers in Edogawa City will showcase the flowers and vegetables they have grown.

Flower Festival in Edogawa City江戸川区 花の祭典

May 3rd(wed*) and 4th(Thu*) 2023
10:00 - 16:00 (15:00 on May 4)

*National holidays

Venue: Shishibone Sports Square 鹿骨スポーツ広場(篠崎町8丁目5番)

Official information (PDF)

Getting there:
By train from Central Tokyo
Take Toei Shinjuku-sen subway line and get off at Shinozaki station.
10-min walk from the Shinozaki station

By bus
From Shinkoiwa station, take the bus No. 71 and get off at "Niji-no-Ie 虹の家"
5-min walk the bus stop.
From the Shinkoiwa station, take the bus No. 73 and get off at "Shishibone Ni-chome 鹿骨二丁目."
1-min walk from the stop.