Events in Japan | May

Events in Japan

May - 5 : Go-gatsu

Events in Japan

Kamakura is a historic town beloved by some renowned Japanese authors such as a Nobel Laureate Kawabata Yasunari, and the Kamakura Museum of Literature exhibits manuscripts by those writers and their belongings. This museum building nestled among trees is the former residence Earl Maeda, has a rose garden with 250 rose trees in 200 varieties. 

The largest festival in Odawara City, held in honour of the Hojo Samurai Family, the 5 lords of Odawara Castle who developed the castle town.  Having 1700 participants in this festival, people in Samurai costume parade through the town. Ninja performance also put on.

The largest festival held at Nikko Toshogu Shrine in the historic area of Nikko. This event takes place in spring and autumn. The highlight is Yabusame Horseback Archery put on at the approach to the Toshogu Shrine and the Samurai parade.

Kasama, a historic town known for its pottery production, holds a large garden located on a hill top, blessed with stunning views of 8500 Azalea trees. The flowers are usually in full bloom between the end of April and the beginning of May, when this festival is held. Kasama-inari, a shrine with a history of 1350 years, also has a large tree of glorious Wisteria that will be in full bloom around the same season.

Has a hundred thousand of Azalea flower in 40 different varieties, covers the 35000 square meter garden at Omuroyama Park, Izu. 

Tokyo Metropolitan Islands Promotion Corporation holds an event to promote agricultural, forestry, and marine products all from the islands in Tokyo Prefecture. The one of the best and hard-to-come-by products will be available at stalls, including Shochu liquor Moriwaka from Kozushima Island and Hingya Salt of Aogashima Island. Admission is free.

In this event, the Tokyo Fire Department puts on firefighting demonstrations in the air and on the sea.

The Jindai Botanical Gardens (神代植物公園) is one of Tokyo Metropolitan Parks located in Chofu city. The gardens have 5200 roses in 409 different varieties, blooming in spring and autumn. The Jindai Botanical Gardens is next to Jindaiji temple, another tourist attraction in Chofu, famous for Soba noodle restaurants in the front approach.