The largest festival in Odawara City, held in honour of the Hojo Samurai Family, the 5 lords of Odawara Castle who developed the castle town.  Having 1700 participants in this festival, people in Samurai costume parade through the town. Ninja performance also put on.

Odawara, the gateway of Hakone Onsen Resort area, is a castle-town having a glorious history back to Samurai era. The Lord Hojo Souun is known as a pioneer who introduced a Ninja group in his strategic activities.

Odawara Hojo Godai Festival

Date: May 3rd(Wed)
Location: Odawara, Kanagawa prefecture

From 12:30 PM to 13:30 (1:30 PM) at the castle ground of Odawara Castle
Drumming, Performance by Samurai with firearms, Ninja Performance
Admission fee: 500 JPY

13:30 (1:30PM) 
Samurai Parade puts on through the town. Free of charge.
The parade starts from the Odawara Castle. The route can be found on their official website

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Odawara Historic Town, the gateway to Hakone