A local dance festival held at Nishiarai-daishi Temmple. Yosakoi is an advanced folk dance originally started in Kouchi in Shikoku Island. The feature of Yosakoi dance is to dance lively in a group. During this festival, 20 dancing teams will perform Yosakoi dance in front of Nishiarai-daishi Temple building. 

Nishiaraidaishi Yosakoi Dance Festival

Date: July 2nd(Sun) 2017
Venue: Nishiarai-daishi Temple, Adachi-ku, Tokyo

Getting there
20 min. walk from Nishiarai Station 西新井駅 on the Tobu Railway Line.
3 min. walk from Daishimae Station 大師前駅 on the Daishi-sen line*.
* One-sta ride from Nishiarai Station to Daishimae Station. (The train system is a bit complicated) If you are familiar with Toei bus system, it is easier to get there by Toei bus. (From Ikebukuro (50-min ride), Ouji stn (30 min-ride) .

Nishiarai-daishi Information in English by Nishiarai-daishi Shoueikai Shopping Street Association

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