Hozuki(Japanese lantern plant) Market is held and traditional Japanese folk dance is performed on the streets.

Kagurazaka Matsuri Festival

Date: July 26th(Wed) - 29th(Sat) 2017
Location: Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

26th- 27th  17:30-122:00
At the Hozuki(Japanese lantern plant) Market, 45 food stalls line the street in front of  Bishamonten Zenkokuji Temple. Fork arts will be performed at the stage in the temple

28th - 29th  19:00-21:00
Groups of Awaodori  (traditional Japanese folk dance) dancers parade the streets, one starts from Akagi-jinja Shrine and the other starts from the underneath of the Kagurazaka slope to the upper end.

Getting there by train:
Take the JR Sobu-sen line and get off at Iidabashi station 飯田橋駅. 1-min walk from the west exit of the station.

http://www.kagurazaka.in/matsuri/ (Japanese website)
Youtube by bartendernahito: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2hhFqDvtf8