Events in Japan

February - 2 : Ni-gatsu

Events in Japan

 One of the largest bicycle tradeshows held in Saitama, the prefecture has good cycling spots. At the tradeshow, brand new models of bikes will be showcased. Test ride events and workshops will also take place there. Admission is free.

The plum flower (Ume) festival held Mt. Tsukuba (Tsukubasan). The plum forest is located at 250m high on the Mount Tsukuba has 1000 plum trees and overlook the city of Tsukuba. On a sunny, clear day Skytree in Tokyo or even Mt.Fuji can be seen up there.

Location: Tokyo and the surrounding area
Season: Late February 

In Tokyo and the vicinity Ume flower blooms in February and a number of Ume flower festivals take place around this time of the year.

For details, see this page: Ume viewing spots in Tokyo and the vicinity 

A traditional Japanese botanical garden which has a long history back in the early 1800s. 

Live Entertainment Expo TOKYO | Feb.27 - Mar.1 2019 

An extensive exhibition for the live entertainment industry. This trade show is focused on LED display, pro-lighting, pro-audio and other equipment/ services related to the live entertainment industry.

90 of Ume (Japanese plum) flowers in 30 different varieties in the garden will be enjoyed from early February to early March.

Japan’s Largest Trade Fair for Sales Promotional Products, held semi-annually each Spring and Autumn.

180 of Ume (Japanese plum) flowers in 70 different varieties in the garden will be enjoyed from early February to early March.

One of the largest trade shows held in Tokyo, known as a gateway to the gift market in Japan. This exhibition includes 2 tradeshows.

This festival is held at a historic garden Shibakoen which lies near Zojoji temple and Tokyo Tower.  At the festival tea ceremony and traditional music can be enjoyed.

Date: February 25th (Sun)  2018
Location: Central Tokyo within 23 wards