Events in Japan

January - 1 : Ichi-gatsu

Events in Japan

Celebrating the New Year, various special events are held at the Tokyo National Museum, Ueno, Tokyo. On January 2nd and 3rd, traditional dance and music are performed. The schedule can be found on their official website.

A large event held at Tokyo Dome Stadium. Numerous food stalls from all over Japan gather and serve unique local dishes. The highlight of the festival is traditional performing arts at the stage, including lively folk dance, drumming float parade.

15th(Sun) and 16(Mon) Jan 2017
Location Shosenji Temple in Kitasenju, Tokyo

The hidden-away-from-view statue of Yama, treasured at Shoenji temple 勝専寺 in Kitasenju 北千住, is opened to public twice a year on 15th, 16th of January and July. 

15th(Sun) and 16(Mon) Jan 2017
Location Setagaya, Tokyo

A traditional market with a history over 400 years, more than 700 stalls line on the streets. The market place is located near  the Daikan-yashiki 代官屋敷, a former residence of the local governor (Samurai house).

Date: January 6th(Fri) 2017
Location : Tokyo Big Sight East Parkinglot, Odaiba, Tokyo

Organized by the Tokyo Fire Department, this is an event held to pray for a safe year. Although similar events are held throughout Japan, the spectacular New Year's Parade of Firemen has over 100 fire engines and helicopters participating, along with as large-scale fire-fighting and emergency drills. (textual quotation from JNTO website) 

11th(Wed) Jan 2017
Location : Isesaki town, Gunma prefecture

A traditional market held to sell Daruma dolls and those lucky charms. More than 200 stalls line along Honcho-dori Avenue where “B-kyu Gurume” or B-movie types of food are sold. Traditional events will also be performed at Isesaki-jinja Shrine.

January 3rd(Tue) 2017
Location: Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture


Kawagoe historic district includes old merchant homes built in the traditional warehouse style of the Edo period. Kitain, a historical temple related to the Tokugawa Shogun family, has various attractions including the numerous stone states called Gokyaku Rakan.