Events in Japan

June - 7 :  Shichi-gatsu

Events in Japan

Mt.Fuji Climbing Season Begins in July

Yoshida Trail: July 1st(Mon) Not yet scheduled due to rockslides
Subashiri Trail: July 10th(Wed) Not yet scheduled due to rockslides
Gotemba Trail: July 10th(Wed) 2019
Fujinomiya Trail: July 10th(Wed) 2019
The trail of crater rim: July 10th(Wed) 2019

The Arakawa Traditional Handcraft Fair | Jul. 5-7. 2019

The exhibition to promote the traditional handicraft industry in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo. About 70 master craftsmen participate in this exhibition. Hands-on workshops will also put on by some of the artists. Admission Free.

Narita-san Gion Festival | Jul.5-7 2019

Naritasan Gion is a religious festival held at Naritasan Temple and the nearby area in Narita, Chiba Prefecture. With a history of over 300 years, this traditional festival takes place annually in summer, in the hope of bountiful crops, the welfare of its people and dreams to come true. The highlight of the festival is parading of gorgeously decorated floats and people in traditional dress.

Nishiaraidaishi Yosakoi Dance Festival | Jul.7.2019

A local dance festival will take place at Nishiarai-Daishi, a large temple in north Tokyo. During this festival, 20 dancing teams will perform Yosakoi dance in front of the temple. Yosakoi is an advanced folk dance originally from Kochi Prefecture on Shikoku Island. The feature of Yosakoi dance is to dance lively in a group

Giant Doll Parade at Sawara | Jul.12-14 2019

During the 3-day festival, various events  are staged on streets in Sawara old town, featuring parading of Dashi floats decorated with giant Samurai dolls, accompanying of traditional festival music "Sawara-bayashi"

Yokohama Sparkling Twilight 2019 | Jul.13 & 14. 2019

A large summer festival annually takes place in the port city of Yokohama, includes various special events; Ship parade, Marine rescue demonstration, Mikoshi traditional parade on streets, Live performances by artists, and more!

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