Chofu Kabuki Play | Mar.22.2020

A Kabuki or classical Japanese dance-drama, known for its unique make-up, will be played by amateur actors in Chofu city, Tokyo. Founded in 2001, this Kabuki acting group annually performs at a large theater in Chofu.

Plum Village Festival at Takao | Mar. 14 and 15 2020

This plum festival takes place near Mt Takao, known as the most popular hiking spot in Tokyo. In the 4.5km-long surrounding area, there are 10,000 plum trees along the riverside, walking paths in plum forests and the private gardens.

Spring Festival in Tokyo | Mar.13 - Apr.18, 2020

The largest music festival event will take place in Ueno, Tokyo. During the period of this festival, about 150 classical music concerts will be held at the public facilities - museums, music halls, public spaces around Ueno Park.

FOODEX JAPAN | Mar.10-13 2020

The international food and beverage tradeshow, holds exhibition having 85000 Professional Visitors from 80 Nations. Washoku (Japanese Food) show will also take place there.

Daruma Dall Market at Jindaiji Temple | Mar 3 and 4 2020

The Jindaiji Daruma Doll Market is one of the three largest Daruma Dall Markets in Japan. The Daruma Dolls, a lucky charm to wish one’s dream come true, are sold at nearly 300 stalls standing around the Jindaiji temple where Daruma Mass is held. Over 300 years this annual market has been favored by local people.

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