This plum festival is held near Mt Takao, known as the most popular hiking spot in Tokyo. In this 4.5km-long area, there are 10,000 plum trees along the riverside, walking paths in plum forests and the private gardens.

The area includes seven Plum Forests (=Bairin 梅林); Yuhodo Bairin, Sekisho Bairin, Tenjin Bairin, Arai Bairin, Yunohana Bairin, Kinositazawa Bairin and Kobotoke Bairin. During the festival, a tea ceremony and traditional music are performed at Sekisho Bairin関所梅林. Also, Kinoshitazawa Bairin is open to public only during the festival so that visitors can enjoy strolling and viewing lovely plum flowers.

Plum Village Festival at Takao

Date: March 10th(Sat) and 11th(Sun) 2018
Location: Takao in Hachioji City Tokyo

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Getting there

Sekisho Bairin Plum Forest
From JR Takao Station 〈North Exit〉 take a bus bound for Kobotoke, and get off at the bus stop “Komagino 駒木野” for Sekisho Bairin Plum Forest 関所梅林.

Yuhodo Bairin Plum Forest
Yuhodo Bairin Plum Forest 遊歩道梅林 is about 15-min walk away from JR Takao station or 10-min walk away from Takaosanguchi Station on the Keio railway. 京王線 高尾山口駅