Nasu Gondola Began Operation

Ropeway rides on Mt.JEANS Nasu, a resort in Nikko National Park, offer spectacular views of blooming goyo-tsutsuji azaleas.

Omiya Bonsai Festival | May. 3 - 5. 2022

A large Bonsai Festival held at Omiya Bonsai village in Omiya. During the festival, masterpieces of Bonsai works are exhibited, and Bonsai plants and pots are also sold there.

Chiba Boso-no-Mura Spring Festival | May 3 - 5 2022

Boso-no-Mura is an open-air museum operated by Chiba prefecture, has a park with exhibits of Japanese buildings backing to the old Japan of 150 years ago. A number of hands-on events are held during this festival, good for families. Admission: 300 JP Yen/ Adult (Free for children under 15 years old)

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