The Tokyo Outer Ring Road, or Tokyo Gaikaku Kanjodoro (外環道 Gaikando in short), is an 85km-long expressway that links Tokyo and the vicinity, the area within 15km from Central Tokyo. This expressway is in development to expand the traffic network that will lead to easing traffic congestion in the heart of Tokyo.

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While some parts of this expressway are yet under construction, the section connecting Saitama and Chiba area is now open. The new road is between Misato Minami Interchange 三郷南IC in the east of Saitama Prefecture and the Kouya Junction 高谷JCT in the north of Chiba Prefecture.

Taking the new route will allow drivers to travel west to east without going through the way in the middle of Central Tokyo, and to avoid traffic jams that often happens there.

People living in eastern Saitawa and northern Tokyo will especially appreciate this easier, quick access when to travel to major sports in Chiba Prefecture, such as Tokyo Disney Land and Narita International Airport. Also, the opening of this route might bring new business there; new airport shuttle bus services, route options added to create coach trips, new logistics channel, and development of inhabitant area around the Misato and Kouya City, etc...

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