Events in Japan

November - 11 : Jyuichi-gatsu

Events in Japan

Located in Hakone, Hakone-yumoto is an Onsen hot spring resort town with a long history. This event is a parade to re-enact the Daimyo Gyoretsu, the feudal lord's procession done in the Edo Period over 265 years.

Yuru-chara, or the mascots created all over Japan and some countries abroad will gather at Hanyu City in Saitama prefecture and compete for the award as the most popular Yuru-chara

The World Yuru-chara Awards

Date: November 25th(Sat) and 26th(Sun) 2017
Venue: Hanyu Suigo-koen Park, Hanyu city, Saitama Prefecture

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Hanyu Suigo-koen Park

*7km from Hanyu Station or Kazo Station on the Tobu Isesaki-sen Line.

*A shuttle bus service will be available between Hanyu Sta.(West exit) and the Hanyu Suigo-koen Park. (Round-trip fare 500 Yen/adult, 200 Yen/child)

The race is set on the 3.1km closed circuit in the middle of Saitama city. International top riders who have won classifications of 2017 Le Tour de France and Japanese leading riders will compete.

KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa will be the first KOGEI Art Fair to be held in Kanazawa, a city recognized internationally as a city of crafts. KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa will be a platform to showcase the fresh, new values and aesthetic consciousness of KOGEI from Kanazawa to the world. 

The largest Nebuta festival held in Kanto area of Japan. People parade with colourfully pictured large paper lanterns 

The Naritasan Temple is known for its beautiful Japanese garden with seasonally blooming trees and flowers. In autumn, the 165,000-square-meter garden is covered with colorful fall leaves. 

Food stalls are lined up at Utsunomiya Joushi Park and various types of Gyoza are served at very reasonable price. Utsunomiya is known for Gyoza, the food as popular as Ramen.

Held at the park of Oshijo 忍城, a small but historic castle in Gyoda city, features a parade of people in samurai warrior costumes. The highlight is the performance of harquebusiers.