Events in Japan

November - 11 : Jyuichi-gatsu

Events in Japan

Tokyo International Industry Exhibition | Nov.13-15. 2019

The largest trade show for small and Medium-Sized Business in Japan

Mashiko Autumn Pottery Market (Toukiichi) | Nov.1-5, 2019

More than 500 pottery stalls will take place at this market and sell various types of potteries; teacups, rice bowls and Ramen bowls, designed in a traditional or modern Japanese style. Walking around the market to find your favourite will be fun.

Autumn Leaves Festival at Showakinen-koen Park | Nov.2-24 2019

Showakinen-koen, the largest national park in Tokyo, has various attractions including cultural and sporting amenities as well as gardens. The 300m-long ginkgo trees tunnel is the highlight of the park in autumn.

Gyoza Festival in Utsunomiya | Nov. 2 and 3. 2019

Utsunomiya is known for Gyoza, the food as popular as Ramen. Food stalls will line at Utsunomiya Joushi Park where various types of Gyoza are served at very reasonable price.

Kitamoto Night Festival (Nebuta Festival) | Nov. 2. 2019

The largest Nebuta festival held in Kanto area of Japan (Greater Tokyo). People parade with colourfully pictured large paper lanterns 

Matsuri Festival in Hanno City, Saitama | Nov. 2 and 3. 2019

A traditional festival held in Hanno City. People from towns in the Hanno gather with their gorgeous floats and parade on the streets.

Moroyama town Yabusame Horseback Archery | Nov. 3. 2019

With a history of over 950 years, boys aged 15 years old take part in this traditional ceremony and challenge arrow shooting on horse back.

Air Show at Iruma Air Base | Nov. 3. 2019

This air show held annually on the 3rd of November at Iruma Air Base in Saitama Prefecture, has more than 200 thousand people coming up to see the exciting acrobatic performance by the team Blue Impulse. Various fun events will also take place there.

Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu (Samurai Parade) | Nov. 3. 2019

Located in Hakone, Hakone-yumoto is an Onsen hot spring resort town with a long history. This event is a parade to re-enact the Daimyo Gyoretsu, the feudal lord's procession done in the Edo Period over 265 years.

Torinoichi Market at Otori-jinja Shrines | Nov.8 and 2. 2019

Torinoichi Fair 酉の市 is an open-air market selling lucky charms called Kumade. It's been said that the Kumade bring people good fortunes and protect from misfortunes.

Fall Foliage Festival at Naritasan Temple Garden | Nov.9-24. 2019

The Naritasan Temple is known for its beautiful Japanese garden with seasonally blooming trees and flowers. In autumn, the 165,000-square-meter garden is covered with colorful fall leaves. 

Katsushika International Friendship Festival | Nov. 10. 2019

A local event held in Katsushika-ku ward, Tokyo. This cultural exchange event gives visitors opportunities to have various multicultural experiences.

Oshijo Castle Jidai Festival | Nov. 10. 2019

Held at the park of Oshijo 忍城, a small but historic castle in Gyoda city, features a parade of people in samurai warrior costumes. The highlight is the performance of harquebusiers. 

TOILET TOKYO 2019 | Nov.13-15 2019

The exhibition to present cutting-edge technologies and materials used in all kinds of toilet equipment; toilets for nursing care, portable toilets used in a time of disaster, and stylishly designed bathroom amenities.

Japan Home & Building Show | Nov. 13-15 2019

One of the largest home- and building related equipment tradeshow in Japan.

Shop Design 2019 | Nov. 13-15 2019

An Exhibition for Designing the Environment of Shops and Commercial Facilities.

JAPANTEX | Nov. 13-15 2019

The Architecture+Interior Tradeshow held with the theme ”Japan Style X Interior Beauty”