Sakura Jidai Matsuri Festival | Nov. 11. 2018

Sakura 佐倉 is a former castle town located near Narita City in Chiba prefecture.People in traditional costume will act armoured warriors, Samurai, and princesses, will parade along the streets of the castle town. Kobudo or ancient Japanese martial art will also be performed.

Sakura Jidai Matsuri Festival

Date & Time: November 11th(Sun) 218 10:00-15:00
Location: On streets and facilities around Keisei Sakura Station, Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture

Info by Sakura city office (Japanese website)

YouTube by Sakura Doga Haishin:

Attractions near Narita city (Kanto District Transport Bureau & Chiba Prefectural Government)

Getting there by train from central Tokyo
From Keisei Nippori station, take a train on the Keisei-sen line to get to Keisei Sakura station 京成佐倉駅. (Travel time: 50mins) 10-min walk to the festival site from Keisei Sakura station.
From JR Tokyo station, take the JR Sobu-sen Kaisoku(Express) train and change the train at JR Chiba station. From Chiba station take the JR Sobuhon-sen train and get off at JR Sakura station. (Total travel time: 1hour) From JR Sakura station, it is a 30-min walk to the festival site.

Google Maps: Keisei Sakura Station