Katsushika International Friendship Festival | Nov. 11. 2018

A local event held in Katsushika-ku ward, Tokyo. This cultural exchange event gives visitors opportunities to have various multicultural experiences.

Autumn Leaves Festival at Showakinen-koen Park | Nov.3-25 2018

Showakinen-koen, the largest national park in Tokyo, has various attractions including cultural and sporting amenities as well as gardens. The 300m-long ginkgo trees tunnel is the highlight of the park in autumn.

Business Fair in Chiyoda | Nov. 14. 2018

Chiyoda division of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry will hold a business exhibition where more than 100 companies will participate.

Press Release by ImmunoGenex

Latest Developments in Early Cancer Detection and Immunotherapy | Dec. 6. 2018

[Tokyo, Japan, November 2, 2018] ImmunoGenex will be launching a Medical Lecture Series for the general English-speaking public, with a focus on precision medicine and cancer immunotherapy in Japan.

Tokyo Kurashi Lifestyle Fair | Nov.1-2 2018

A local tradeshow for Tokyo-made lifestyle products. The Taito-ku Industrial Fair will also take place at the exhibition site.

NabeFes Japanese Hot Pot Festival | Nov.30- Dec.2 2018

A massive food festival held at Hibiya-koen Park. Over 280 thousand people visit this event to enjoy the tastes of various Japanese hot pot dishes.

Sumifa Factory Tours in Sumida-ku | Nov.17-18. 2018

A series of factory tours held in Sumida-ku Tokyo. This event is to encourage people to know about the industries in Sumida-ku, the district has many small factories engaged in the production from traditional crafts to cutting-edge components.

International Festival at Kokubunji | Nov.18. 2018

A civic culture festival organized by Kokubunji International Association. The program includes Japanese speech presentation, cultural exchange, World performance, and fun event for kids.

Tokyo Metropolitan Tourism Chrysanthemum Exhibition | Nov.1-23. 2018

Tokyo Metropolitan Tourism Chrysanthemum Exhibition will take place in Hibiya Park near Imperial Palace, a tourist spot in Tokyo. This open-air exhibition is admission free.

Dream Yosacoy Dance Festival | Nov.2 - 4. 2018

The Dream Yosacoy Festival is one of the largest street dance festivals held in Tokyo, featuring around 6,000 dancers in about 80 teams, some 500,000 people come to see the dynamic performances.

Torinoichi Market at Otori-jinja Shrines | Nov.1, 13. and 25. 2018

Torinoichi Fair 酉の市 is an open-air market selling lucky charms called Kumade. It's been said that the Kumade bring people good fortunes and protect from misfortunes.

Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour | Nov. 10 and 11 2018

A series of traditional performing arts will take place at Bishamonten Zenkoku-ji Temple, Kagurazaka-dori street and the stone-paved alleys of the Kagurazaka district.

Tokyo International Industry Exhibition | Nov.13-15. 2019

The largest trade show for small and Medium-Sized Business in Japan

Japan Home & Building Show | Nov. 20-22 2018

One of the largest home- and building related equipment tradeshow in Japan.

JAPANTEX 2018 | Nov. 20-22 2018

The Architecture+Interior Tradeshow held with the theme ”Japan Style X Interior Beauty”

TOILET TOKYO 2018 | Nov.20-22 2018

The exhibition to present cutting-edge technologies and materials used in all kinds of toilet equipment; toilets for nursing care, portable toilets used in a time of disaster, and stylishly designed bathroom amenities.

Building Maintenance Human Fair | Nov. 20-22. 2018

Organized by the Japan Building Maintenance Association, this exhibition is a trading platform for sophisticated building maintenance and cleaning technologies.

Shop Design 2018 | Nov. 20-22 2018

An Exhibition for Designing the Environment of Shops and Commercial Facilities.