Sumifa Factory Tours in Sumida-ku | Nov.17-18. 2018

A series of factory tours held in Sumida-ku Tokyo. This event is to encourage people to know about the industries in Sumida-ku, the district has many small factories engaged in the production from traditional crafts to cutting-edge components.

During this event, workshops and tours will take place at 22 factories in Sumida-ku ward. The tours will be guided only in Japanese (no interpreters). Booking is required.

Sumifa Factory Tours and Workshops 
スミファ すみだファクトリーめぐり

Date: November 17th(Sat) and 18th(Sun) 2018
Held at each participating factory in Sumida-ku Ward (East of Central Tokyo)

*The information on the tour/workshop programs is available on their official website (Japanese website) where online booking is also provided.

Official website: Sumifa

Further information will be available at the Sumida Tourist Information Center (2F) in Sumida City Hall, Asakusa.

Getting to Sumida City Hall
5-min walk  from Asakusa Station on the Tobu Isesaki-sen LIne
5-min walk from Asakusa Subway Station (Exit No.5) on the Tokyo Metro Ginza-sen Line
5-min walk from Asakusa Subway Station (Exit 5) on the Toei Asakusa-sen Line