Press Release by ImmunoGenex

Latest Developments in Early Cancer Detection and Immunotherapy | Dec. 6. 2018

[Tokyo, Japan, November 2, 2018] ImmunoGenex will be launching a Medical Lecture Series for the general English-speaking public, with a focus on precision medicine and cancer immunotherapy in Japan.

With 2.5 million foreigners living in Japan, there is a great lack of information regarding what is available to this community in early diagnosis and personalized medicine. Whether a personal cancer scare, a family history of cancer, a loved one, friend or colleague who is affected; cancer is pervasive. And yet the tools available to determine our cancer risks, early detection, monitoring and treatments, particularly immunotherapeutic interventions are largely unknown. We are at the forefront of personalized medicine and cancer immunotherapy, and what we have to offer is unique to Japan and unavailable in the US, Europe or elsewhere in the world.

Event Details

Medical lecture series
“Latest developments in Early Cancer Detection and Immunotherapy”

(*Plus Networking event)

Intended for: General public, English speakers living in Japan

Date/Time: December 6, 2018
Lecture from 18:00-19:00
Networking event 19:00-19:30 (light refreshments will be served)

Venue: Roppongi Symphony Salon
8F, C’Bon View Bldg. (across from Roppongi Hills)
7-18-12 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo 106-0032

Entrance Fee: Free (maximum 40 participants)
Registration Advance registration, please sign up by contacting us below

About ImmunoGenex
ImmunoGenex is a leading-edge biotechnology company committed to providing an accurate picture of one’s health and risk factors by looking at genetics and epigenetics to help direct individualized medical treatments for cancer and other illnesses. We offer innovative biomedical testing through liquid biopsies to support personalized medicine and cancer immunotherapy. Our tests include genetic and epigenetic testing, expression profiling, Cell-free DNA (cfDNA), Circulating tumor cells (CTC), Cytokine Assays, and Genetic Health Risk Reports. We also provide expertise and technology to create biological therapies including individualized Dendritic Cell cancer vaccines and Natural Killer cell therapies, at the direction of and within the licensed cell processing facility of the Fukuro Clinic. Our number one priority is to provide safe and effective treatments with minimal to no side effects.