Events in Japan

October - 10 : Jyu-gatsu

Events in Japan

One of the largest autumn festivals held in the south of Chiba prefecture, the area formerly called  Awa or Naso Land govern by the Samurai Family "Boso Satomi" about 500 years ago. The festival includes Samurai parade and performances at the beach.

The Oeshiki held at Kishibojin Temple is a Buddhist memorial service on the anniversary of the holy priest Nichiren’s death and is also a festival dedicated to the goddess Kishibojin (Hariti). During the Oeshiki many food stalls line around the temple and thousands of people parade on streets there.

Sawara-no Taisai is a traditional festival held in Sawara, a natural waterway district, known for the cherished old townscape. With a 300-year history, Sawara Taisai is designated as a significant intangible folk cultural asset of Japan.

The largest festival held at Nikko Toshogu Shrine in the historic area of Nikko. This event takes place in spring and autumn. Though the festival held in autumn is smaller than it in spring, autumn is a great season to enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains in Nikko, covered with colorful leaves.

A traditional festival held at Shirahama-jinja, the oldest shrine in Izu region. The 3-day festival includes various events, such as the bonfire and fire works dedicated to the gods in seven Izu islands.

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA) is one of Asia’s largest international short film festivals which will hold “Autumn Screening ” as a tie-up with the 30th edition of Tokyo International Film Festival.

The 6th open-air market held at Tokyo Kusei Kaikan in Iidabashi. Regional goodies from villages in Gunma prefecture will be sold at the stalls. Tourist information on those villages is also available.

The food festival held at Tokyo Meat Market in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The festival's specialities in this year are meat products from Fukushima prefecture, including Shabu Shabu and Tonkatsu tasting.

Taste of Tokyo Food Festival & Market | Oct.5-7 2018

This event will take place to promote food production in Tokyo. During this 3-day food festival, you can try out various dishes and food products produced in Tokyo; vegetables, meats, fishes, beer, dairy products, and more.

CEATEC JAPAN | Oct.16-19 2018

One of the largest CPS/IoT Exhibition in Japan held at Makuhari Messe.
CEATEC JAPAN looks to a future society suffused with information, ushering in a new industrial revolution driven by data.

Creating the new tradition: Special Week to Dress Japanese.
Modern/Traditional Japanese food stalls, Japanese art performances, Kimono dressing, Sake tasting and more.

Date: October 7th(Sat) - 9(Mon) 2017

Venue: Kabukicho Cine City Plaza (Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan)

Admission is free.

Ningyocho 人形町 (means doll town) in Nihonbashi is a commercial and cultural district with a 400-year history back to Edo period, flourished with Kabuki theaters and Japanese puppet shows. During the Ningyouichi doll market, a number of stalls stand along Ningyocho Street, where various dolls are sold.

The gardens have 274 different types of 5100 roses, bloom in spring and autumn. As this festival is so popular, it should be better to visit in the morning so you can avoid crowds. During the festival, the garden place opens at 8:30AM (8:00 on Sundays)

Yabusame is the art of shooting arrows on horseback, performed as a traditional ceremony that derives from horse riding exercises for Samurai warriors.

Renown Mikoshi (portable Shinto shrines) and the groups of bearers from Tokyo / the surrounding areas are gathered around and parade together in the Kiba-koen park.