DIET & BEAUTY FAIR | Sep. 26-28 2022

Professional trade show for the beauty and health industry. The exhibition comprised of ANTI-AGEING JAPAN, DIET&BEAUTY FAIR ASIA, and SPA&WELLNESS JAPAN.


This is an event for mask lovers by mask lovers, who are fascinated by creating/wearing masks, headgears, hoods, helmets, goggles, or anything to put on the head.

Nezu-jinja Shrine Festival | Sep. 17-18. 2022

Nezu-jinja Shrine is a historic shrine founded 1900 years ago, lies in Ya-ne-sen (Yanaka Nezu Sendagi) area known as a tourist spot off the beaten path. During this festival, Mikoshi parade and the traditional dance will be performed.

Cat Festival in Yushima town | Sep.14 - Oct.10 2022

This local event takes place at Yushima, an old town in Bunkyo-ku ward, has streets where cats often walk around at a leisurely pace. During this event, some of the shops and cafes in the area will offer specials all related to cats or Neco.

Maker Faire Tokyo 2022 | Sep. 3 - 4, 2022

O'Reilly Japan, Inc., publishers of MAKE: magazine in Japan, presents Maker Faire, the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth, a celebration of creativity, invention, and resourcefulness.

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