For Sudden Illnesses and Injuries

If you are suddenly ill or are injured while you are in Japan, an ambulance can be called by dialing 119. If you have a difficulty in explaining the state of illness/injury in Japanese, ask a Japanese-speaking person for help.


Please remember calling an ambulance is free of charge, but the medical treatment is not free. If you a resident in Japan, be sure to take your health insurance card with you. If you are temporally staying in Japan on business or travel, it is strongly recommended to take out travel insurance before coming to Japan, so you can make up for the medical fees.

When calling for an ambulance, you need to report the following.

Kyu byou desu. Kyu-kyu-sha wo onegai shimasu
Here is a sick person with sudden illness. I need an ambulance.

Kega-nin ga imasu. Kyu-kyu-sha wo onegai shimasu
Here is an injured person. I need an ambulance.

Namae wa ......... desu.
The name of the sick (or injured) person is …….

Jyusho to denwa-bangou wo iimasu. Jyusho wa ………desu. Denwa-bango wa ………desu.
Let me give you the address here and the telephone number for contact, please.
The address is ………………….
The telephone number is ………………….

Holiday/Night Emergency Clinics
If you are suddenly ill or injured, with symptoms that are treatable on an outpatient basis, medial treatment is offered on Sundays, national holidays and during the year-end/New Year holidays. For children, initial emergency medical care is also available on weeknights.

To find detailed information on clinics that offer those emergency medical care, please visit the local government office in the city where you are live in (or stay at).

Himawari Tokyo Medical Institution Information Service 
(Japanese / English language)
This web site allows you to search the medical institution nearest you. You can also find information on a particular hospital you wish to go to, such as medical departments, clinic hours, hospital name and foreign languages spoken.

AMDA International Medical Information Center
AMDA provides information on the Japanese medical, welfare and insurance systems for foreign nationals, so that they can receive the same appropriate medical services as the Japanese.

What AMDA offers are;
- Introduction to medical facilities and practitioners
- Information of the Japanese medical, welfare and insurance systems.
- Free Medical Referrals
Available languages : English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Portuguese, Filipino, Japanese

List of Doctors and Clinics for Foreigners in the Tokyo area 
(by Embassy of the United States)

Medical facilliates that speak foreign languages by uevers Co.,LTD., Osaka

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