Dokudami, a lovely herb grows so well in Japan

Dokudami, or houttuynia cordata begins to bloom in middle of May and the white lovely flower tells the arrival of the rainy season coming up soon. It is said that Dokudami in bloom is at the best time of harvesting to make herb tea.


Fight with Dokudami and enjoy the benefit

Dokudami ドクダミ is a herb that grows so well in wet soil. As the most of regions in Japan belong to a humid subtropical climate zone, this herb thrives so much that we often recognize as a pesky weed growing out of control. Spending hours to get rid of Dokudai in your garden, you will end up finding another Dokudamii growing here and there within a week or so. Above all, what the plant annoy us the most, is its strange, fishy smell. Just touch a leaf of Dokudami and smell your finger when you will have an unforgettable experience... It is strongly suggested to put on gloves when weeding.

After weeding out Dokudami plants, you can make the best use of them by washing out and hang dry in shade. Thankfully, the fishy smell will be gone once they get dry completely. The dried Dokudami leaves can be used to make tea, location etc. It is believed Dokudami is a detox herb. In fact, Dokudami tea in package and Dokudami location in bottle are often sold at drug stores in Japan. Dokudami is also eatable, but you might find that the Dokudami growing in Japan have too much strong smell to eat.

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