Garbage collection in Tokyo

What do you think is important to have good relations with your neighbors? Greeting with a smile? Not to make too much noise? There must be many that come up to your mind. For people living in Tokyo, what they consider would be proper Gomidashi ゴミ出し, or proper Sort / Dispose of Garbage.


Why is proper Gomidashi so important?

In Tokyo, especially in 23 words of Tokyo, garbage collection boxes are usually not provided in a public place (except in the case of apartment), instead, garbage bags are gathered at a collecting point on street designated on each block. Since days and kinds of garbage to be collected are scheduled strictly, the improperly-disposed garbage are not collected by garbage collecting car and will be left over on the street for days or even weeks, that state sometimes induces passersby to litter trash on street nearby, which is said to cause a decline in public safety.

Also, it is important to follow the rule that garbage should not be disposed at night, even if you find difficulty in disposing them in the morning. Garbage bags left on street all night long are at risk of being scattered by crows and cats coming up for supper or breakfast. What a mess you will see in the next morning. And the problem is, someone in the neighborhood has to clean the mess up, that makes all the neighbors feel uncomfortable. This is actually one of issues causing problems with neighbors in Tokyo.

How to sort and dispose of Garbage

The regulations on how to sort / dispose of garbage are varied depending on the district you live. In general, garbage is put in a plastic bags which color must be white or yellow. Black-colored bags are not allowed to use. Combustibles and Non-combustibles are sorted. You are to dispose them on a designated day by 8:00AM. If you are new to live in Tokyo, it is recommended to go to the local government office to get detailed information. Most of the offices in 23 wards offer guide books in several languages (English, Chinese and Korean etc.)

Japanese words related to Garbage collection

Combustible Garbage
燃えるゴミ (もえるごみ Moeru Gomi)

Non-combustible Garbage
燃えないゴミ (もえないごみ Moenai Gomi)

Large-sized Garbage
粗大ゴミ (そだいごみ Sodai Gomi)

Recyclable Resources
資源ゴミ (しげんごみ Shigen Gomi)

Garbage collecting day
ゴミ収集日 (ごみしゅうしゅうび Gomi-shushu Bi)

Sorting Garbage
ゴミの分別 (ごみのぶんべつ Gomi-no Bunbetsu)

Dispose of Garbage
ゴミ出し (ごみだし Gomidashi)

Garbage Collecting Point
ゴミ集積所 (ごみしゅうせきじょ Gomi Shusekijo)

Garbage Collecting Car
ゴミ収集車 (ごみしゅうしゅうしゃ Gomi Shushu-sha)

Garbage Bags
ゴミ袋 (ごみぶくろ Gomi Bukuro)

Garbage bin
ゴミ箱 (ごみばこ Gomi-bako)

Garbage Net
ゴミネット (ごみねっと Gomi Net)
A net to protect garbage from crows pecking

カラス (からす Karasu)

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