Silver Week: Here comes another holiday season in September

Yes, the Silver Week, not the Golden Week.
The Golden Week is a period of consecutive national holidays in late spring, and the Silver Week is a holiday period we have in early autumn in Japan. The Silver Week hadn’t become as popular as the Golden Week because it used to be a short period with a few leap holidays including a weekend, however, one notional holiday added and now the period has expanded. If you take a few more day offs, it allows you to have nine consecutive holidays.

The Silver Week in 2016 is between September 17th (Sat) and 25th (Sun).


The advantage of the Silver Week

The advantage of the Silver Week is that you can take a vacation in the best outing season in Japan as the summer heat subsides in September. In summer, it is extremely hot and muggy in Tokyo and the most cities of Japan, hardly makes you feel like going outside but staying at home with the air conditioner on. Traveling in September is much comfortable compared with August.

Traveling in the Silver Week is no good for tourists visiting Japan

The disadvantage of the Silver Week is that it is a busy period as many people take a vacation at the same time and major tourist spots will be more crowded than usual. If you are a tourist planning to visit Japan in September, keep in mind that it is better to avoid traveling during the Silver Week.

Tips: Other things to keep in mind when traveling in Japan in September

Not very serious, but better be safe than sorry...

- If you go for mountain hiking, watch out for hornets and bears as they are aggressive in September. Avoid wearing black clothes and take a bear bell.

- If you go to the Japan Alps or those high mountains for climbing, be prepared and take a warm clothes as it is already cold up there. For your info, Mt.Fuji trails will be closed in the middle of September.

- Typhoons still appear in the Pacific near Japan. Check the weather forecast beforehand when going to a seaside resort or for sailing. Watch out for poisonous Jellyfish. You can’t take a first aid at beach houses while they are closed in September.

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