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digi-joho (:dj) is a series of websites all about the country of Japan, mostly focused on Tokyo and vicinity. The purpose of digi-joho is to provide practical, local information (=joho) on working, living, studying, traveling and doing business in Japan.

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digi-joho TOKYO BUSINESS (formerly known as digi-joho JAPAN) is a comprehensive guide to business in/with Japan, featuring Small and Medium Enterprise Business in Tokyo.


For those doing business or looking for business opportunities in/with Tokyo, digi-joho TOKYO BUSINESS provides information with the emphasis on SME business in the local regions, especially the northeast area of Tokyo known for small industries producing a broad range of products from hi-tech components to traditional crafts.

digi-joho TOKYO BUSINESS also provides tips and advice on living, working, studying and travel in Tokyo, will help you have a better life in Japan.

digi-joho TOKYO TRAVEL

digi-joho TOKYO is a guide to travel to/in/from Tokyo that includes information on everyday attractions, retreats, day-trips as well as tourist spots - mostly located off the beaten path.

digi-joho TOKYO

digi-joho Nihongo (Japanese)

digi-joho Nihongo is a Japanese website to offer practical business information for SMEs. The information available on this website is mostly press releases.

digi-joho Nihongo


A collection of English/Japanese phrase samples basically provided for non-English-speaking people working in retail or hospitality, such as restaurants, B&B and Izakaya Bars in Japan. These samples are also useful for non-Japanese-speaking customers.


digi-escape inc.

digi-joho websites are all operated by digi-escape inc, a digital marketing company in Tokyo, Japan. Our online marketing solutions offer an integrated blend of the best practices in Content Marketing, SEO and Advertising. Our mission is to encourage globalization and international trade of SMEs by providing supportive business services based on our content marketing activities.


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