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Hanji | Traditional Korean Paper

What you can create with paper is much more than what you can imagin

Hanji is traditional Korean paper used as a material to create various handcrafts. With the use of Hanji paper and the traditional craft techniques, handed down in Korea from generation to generation, it enables craft designers to create aesthetic expressions and beautiful textures, bringing new ideas in the concept of craft or interior decoration.

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Hanji-In : Hanji Craft Atelier, Soul, Korea

Hanji paper, or traditional Korean paper, has the characteristic of strength and flexibility, which is expressed in the old words, “Silk lasts for 500 years, Hanji lasts for even 1000 years.”.

In Korea, Hanji paper used to be called “White Paper” as the paper reflects a pure heart and a strong spirit of the Korean.To create Hanji paper, a number of working processes are involved; gathering specific trees (Broussonetia kazinoki), taking out the fiber, steaming the raw material, bleaching under the sun, removing dust, forming, dewatering, flattening, sun-drying etc…these processes are likely to be counted one hundred. In fact, in Korean language, the word “one-hundred” sounds similar to the word “white” and this is another reason why Hanji was called White paper.

Enabling to create various kinds of Hanji-made handcrafts, many craft techniques have also been developed, and they are applied to create paper ropes, paper flowers, and paper boxes etc. In particular, the technique for creating paper boxes has been used to develop useful livingware, and is recognized as an outstanding handed-down, traditional technique that enables to combine functionality and aesthetics, 

Hanji-In is a Hanji craft atelier located in Soul, Korea, where Hanji artists create modern Hanji crafts by using the traditional techniques. Their works are widely ranged from liveware to interior decorations, and one of their remarkable works can especially be seen in the form of the lamps, their popular products used by many users. Since Hanji crafts are originally made with paper, it helps make a feeling of natural settings - the more you use it, the more you like it, is the charm of Hanji crafts.

All of craftwork created at Hanji-In are applied finishing treatments for several times and they have excellent durability against humidity or stains. The surface has a warm touch of feeling that only Hanji paper can bring in.

A lamp entirely made from Hanji paper

Technology Applications


Tearing Hanji paper in strips, then, mix them up to make ropes. This technique can be applied to create kettles, teacups, trays and tables. With waterproof treatment, they can actually be used in daily life.


Pounding watery Hanji paper mixed with tree fibers (Broussonetia kazinoki) to make porridge-like liquid material.

Flower-like expression

Applying colors into Hanji paper. This technique is basically used to express beauty of flowers.


An innovative technique often used at Hanji-In atelier. Piling up thin paper to make a basic form, then put designs on it. This technique can be used to make props, lamps and even furniture.

Hanji-In : Hanji Craft Atelier, Soul, Korea

Hanji-In is a craft atelier creating Hanji paper handcrafts. We use only premium quality materials, that are light and environment-friendly. Our works are widely ranged; from solid furniture to subtly colored interior props such as lamps, all designed with utility chic in mind, as well as harmonization with modern architecture.

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