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Motorcycle Rental Shop opens near Narita International Airport

Kizuki Rental Service, a motorcycle rental service company which operates the rental shops "", has opened their new store near the Narita International Airport.


Business Showcase

Rental819, the motorcycle rental service in Japan

Located at near the Narita International Airport, Rental819 Narita International Airport Branch provides motorcycle rental services for those wanting to tour on a motor bicycle to explore destinations of Japan; Izu, Hakone, Kyushu, Hokkaido and Okinawa and more.

Though the shop is 20-min away by car from Airport Terminal 2 Station, free airport transportation service is available. Plus, Rental819 has a network of shops offering motorbike rental services throughout Japan. The locations can be found on their website.

Detailed information, the terms & condition and caution notes are provided on their website that users must read through and agree before booking.