Dangerous Goods Not Permitted to be Transported as International Mail

International mailing services are often used when sending product samples abroad on business. However, you should know there are dangerous goods banned to be sent by international mail as they may pose a risk when transporting by air.

Since goods that you use in daily life can also be considered as dangerous goods, you need to make sure if the items you mail are nonmailable or not. In case you send dangerous goods, it is considered as a violation and you will be penalized.


The listed below are dangerous items which are not permitted to send by international mail. For details, please see "Nonmailable Articles in International Mail" on the website of Japan Post Service.

Flares, Fuses, Fireworks etc.

Flammable Gas 
Flammable aerosols, Camping gas, Butane gas etc.
Non-flammable Gas 
Compressed oxygen, Liquid nitrogen, Spray, Fire extinguishers, Diving Tanks etc.
Toxic Gas 
Liquid Ammonia, Carbon monoxide Oxidized ethylene etc.

Flammable Liquids 
Perfume, Manicure, Paint, Alcohol, Oil lighter, Adhesives, Ink, Heating oil, Thinner, Gasoline etc.
Flammable Substances
Flammable Solid 
Matches, Sulfur, Metallic powder, Phosphorus, Celluloid etc.

Substances liable to spontaneous combustion 
Charcsoal, Sodium sulfide, Metallic catalysts
Substances which in contact with water emit flammable gases 
Calcium, Magnesium, Barium etc.

Oxidizing Substances 
Oxygen generator chemical, Hydrogen peroxide solution, Ammonium nitrate fertilizer, Bleaching powder etc.
Organic Peroxides 
Curing agents etc.

Toxic and Infectious Substances
Toxic Substances 
Insecticides, Agricultural chemicals, Antiseptics, Mercury compounds etc.
Infectious Substances 
Bacteria, Viruses, Waste medical supplies etc.

Radioactive Material
Radium, Cesium, Plutonium, Uranium etc.

Mercury, Sulfuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Acetic acid, Sodium hydrate, Potassium hydrate, Wet battery etc.

Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods
Magnetized materials, Dry ice etc.

To find more details, check the information by Japan Post