The 5S process

A very basic, but a significant method for achieving organization system at workplaces

The 5S - Five S (Go S in Japanese) is the methodology for developing and improving total organizing system, implemented at workplaces such as factories and offices. If you are familiar with Japanese management practices, you have probably heard of this methodology as it was formed in Japan. ‘S’ of the 5S derives from the following Japanese words, that begin with letter ‘S’ ;


What the 5S are

1. Seiri 整理 :  Sort 

2. Seiton 整頓 : Systematize or Being tidy

3. Seisou 清掃 :  Sweep or Cleaning

4. Seiketsu 清潔 :  means Sanitize or Cleanliness

5. Shitsuke しつけ :  means Self discipline

The 5S process can actually be the fundamental to obtain the certificate of ISO 19011 management, and Japanese business consultants often assist companies to train employees to learn the 5S process at the first step in training, implemented not only in the workplace in Japan but those also in other countries particularly in Asia.