Using B2B Directory sites to find Japanese business partners

TTPP International Business Matching Site by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)

Needless to say, using the Internet to collect /offer information is a very first action taken by business people. Finding business partners online is an option to expand your business worldwide.

Though Japanese companies tend to rely on off-line business networks to find partners, B2B directory sites can be helpful when it comes to finding international partners.


For international trade, TTPP is the most commonly-used B2B directory site in Japan

TTPP (Trade Tie-up Promotion Program) is an international business matching website operated by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), and allows people both in Japan and abroad to search through over 30,000 business proposals, with a free of charge.

Once you register for membership, TTPP allows you to view contact info as well as business proposals (Sell or Buy) of other members. You can send inquiries to the contact persons, and it is also possible to post your business proposals. The registration and use of the database are available for free.

For your information, the words “proposals for buy/sell” are “Anken 案件” in Japanese, and the word “Inquires” is “Hikiai 引き合い” in Japanese. These words often used in daily business life in Japan.

TTPP International Business Matching Site by JETRO

A List of B2B portal sites in Japan - by JETRO