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Maps of Japan | Cities and Prefectures

This map of Japan lists the prefectures (provinces) alphabetical Japan has 47 prefectures (47 Todoufuken 都道府県), each of which are called with " -ken" like Aichi-ken or Akita-ken, except for Hokkai-do Osaka-fu, Kyoto-fu and Tokyo-to.birthday of Tokyo. 

Prefectures (provinces) of Japan

The words "ken", "-to", "–do", "–fu" added at the end of each prefecture’s name are translated prefecture in English.
e.g Saitama-ken = Saaitama prefecture, Tokyo-to = Tokyo prefecture, Kyoto-fu = Kyoto Prefecture

"ken", "-to", "–do", "–fu" are often omitted especially in speaking. One thing to be aware is that some cities* (*-shi in Japanese) have the same as its prefecture, for example, Saitama-shi(city) in Saitama-ken (Prefecture).

The Regions, Prefectures and their Capital Cities

Regions Capital City and Prefecture
* -shi : city
Sapporo-shi 12, Hokkaido
Aomori-shi 3, Aomori
Morioka-shi 16, Iwate
Akita-shi 2, Akita
Fukushima-shi 8, Fukushima
Sendai-shi 24, Miyagi
Yamagata-shi 45, Yamagata
Niigata-shi 29, Niigata
Kanazawa-shi 15, Ishikawa
Toyama-shi 43, Toyama
Fukui-shi 6, Fukui
Mito-shi 14, Ibaraki
Utsunomiya-shi 39, Tochigi
Maebashi-shi 10, Gunma
Saitama-shi 35, Saitama (*former Urawa-shi)
Chiba-shi 4, Chiba 4
Yokohama-shi 19, Kanagawa
Tokyo 41, Tokyo
Kofu-shi 47, Yamanashi
Nagano-shi 26, Nagano
Gifu-shi 9, Gifu
Shizuoka-shi 38, Shizuoka
Nagoya-shi 1, Aichi
Tsu-shi 23, Mie
Otsu-shi 36, Shiga
Kyoto-shi 22, Kyoto
Osaka-shi 33, Osaka
Kobe-shi 13, Hyogo
Nara-shi 28, Nara
Wakayama-shi 44, Wakayama
Tokushima-shi 40, Tokushima
Takamatsu-shi 17, Kagawa
Matsuyama-shi 5, Ehime
Kochi-shi 20, Kochi
Tottori-shi 42, Tottori
Matsue-shi 37, Shimane
Okayama-shi 31, Okayama
Hiroshima-shi 11, Hiroshima
Yamaguchi-shi 46, Yamaguchi
Fukuoka-shi 7, Fukuoka
Saga-shi 34, Saga
Nagasaki-shi 27, Nagasaki
Kumamoto 21, Kumamoto
Oita-shi 30, Oita
Miyazaki-shi 25, Miyazaki
Kagoshima-shi 18, Kagoshima
Okinawa Islands Naha-shi, Okinawa

Map of Japan

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