Kite Market at Oji-inari Shrine | Feb. 9. and 21. 2020

A traditional market for kites, has a long history back in the Edo period. The highlight is food stalls line along the street leading the shrine from Oji Station.

Fire accident is always a big concern, especially so was among people in the Edo period living in wooden houses. They believed Kite could be a lucky charm cutting off the blowing wind that often causes a big fire in old Tokyo towns.

Tako-ichi Kite Market Febat Oji-inari Shrine

February 9th(Sun) and 21st(Fri) 2020

Venue: Oji Inari-jinja Shrine, Oji town, Tokyo

Getting there
5-min walk from JR Oji Station (North Exit) on the Keihin Tohoku Line

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