The Giant Japanese Wisteria in Mikawashima Town will be in bloom around late April

Viewing is allowed only for neighbors, need to wear a facemask and avoid crowds.

The giant Japanese wisteria standing by the building of Mr.Inoue’s at Mikawashima Town in Arakawa-ku Ward, Tokyo, begins to bloom in late April, lasts for 1 or 2 weeks. This tree was only 60cm tall when it first bloomed, but, now has grown to 12m high.  This 1973-born wisteria is called Fuji-no Otaki 藤の大滝, means the wisteria blooming like a large waterfall, and has been designated as a preserved tree by Arakawa municipal government.

Getting there
3 min walk from JR Mikawashima Station 三河島駅. 
20 min walk from JR Nippori Station 日暮里駅

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