Oshijo Castle Jidai Festival | Nov. 13. 2022

Held at the park of Oshijo 忍城, a small but historic castle in Gyoda city, features a parade of people in samurai warrior costumes. The highlight is the performance of harquebusiers. 

Oshijo Castle Jidai Festival

November 13th(Sun) 2022
10:00 - 15:00

Venue: Oshijo Castle Park, Gyoda City, Saitama Prefecture

Oshijo Castle Samurai Performers (Japanese website)

YouTube by neu_kw

Google Maps : https://goo.gl/maps/U8Mlv

Getting to Oshijo Castle Park
*About 60-min by train (JR Takasaki-sen) from Ueno Station to Gyoda Station. (972 JP Yen)

By bus or train  from JR Kumagaya station 熊谷駅, Saitama
Take a bus (Asahi Bus) bound for Gyoda Orikaeshijo 行田折り返し場 and get off at the bus stop "Oshijo" 忍城
From Kumagaya station, take the Chichibu Tetsudo Railway and get off at Gyodashi station 行田市駅. A 15 min walk to the castle park.

By bus from JR Gyoda Station 行田駅 on the Takasaki-sen Line 高崎線
Take a route bus "Nishi Junkan Course 西循環コース" and get off at Oshijo-shi Kyoudo Hakubutsukan Mae 忍城址郷土博物館前