Events in Japan

June - 6 :  Roku-gatsu

Events in Japan

Iris Flower Festival at Fukiage in Oume City | May.25 - Jun.23. 2019

Lies in a tranquil area nestled in forests in Ome, Tokyo, the 2.1 hectares of the garden is filled with more than 250 varieties of different iris flowers..

Japan Tategu Fair 2019 in Aichi | Jan. 14 and 15. 2019

An exhibition for Tategu or joinery in traditional Japanese style, showcasing artisanal techniques and products by artisans across Japan. This annual exhibition in the year of 2019 will take place in Aichi prefecture.

Tohoku Kizuna Festival | Jun. 1. and 2. 2019

Bringing people together, going beyond the moment. Creating a new Tohoku legacy, through the power of festivity!

Iris Flower Festival at Sakura-joshi Park | Jun 8 - 9 2019

The iris garden is at the park in Sakura City where a castle used to be standing. The garden has 9000 iris flowers in different colors, purple, yellow and white. Admission is free.

Exhibition "The Mammoth" at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation | Jun.7-Nov.4 2019

One of the largest ever exhibitions featuring mammoth and other ancient animals. Not only precious mammoth specimens, but the exhibits also include the 42,000-year-old foal discovered frozen in Siberian permafrost, had liquid blood in its veins.

Yokosuka YY Vehicle Festival | Jun.8-9 2019

Various types of vehicles, including trains and special automobiles, will be exhibited at the event sites in Yokosuka City. This event is good for kids and families.

In late June, the roses in Karuizawa Lake Garden are at their best

Lies in Karuizawa, one of the most exclusive resorts in Nagano Prefecture, the Karuizawa Lake Garden boasts the rose gardens nestled in a natural setting, filled with 3500 roses in 400 different varieties.

Iris and Hydrangea Festival at Odawara Castle (near Hakone) | Jun 1-16 2019

Japanese Iris (Shobu) and hydrangea (Ajisai) in the castle garden will be in bloom during the festival period. Admission is free to enter the garden.

Traditional Japanese Martial Art Performance Ceremonies at Kashima-jingu Shrine | Jun. 9. 2019

Built in 660, Kashima-jingu Shrine is one of the greatest three shrines in the greater Tokyo area, has been dedicated to the god of martial arts. The ceremonies include the performance of Kobudo demonstrations and Momoteshiki Samurai Archly.

Shimoda Ajisai (Hydrangea) Festival | Jun.1 - 30. 2019

Held at Shimoda Koen Park situated on a small mountain near the Perry Road in Shimoda, Izu. 3 millions of various Hydrangea flowers will color the park while this festival is held.

Iris Flower Festival at Koiwa Shobu Garden | Jun 1 - 16 2019

The iris garden at the Edogawa River Bank is filled with 50000 iris flowers in 100 different varieties. Admission Free.

Kotto Antique Fair at Saitama Super Arena | Jun.4-5 2019

A large antique market held at Saitama Super Arena (Community Arena). More than 200 antique shops will participate. Admission is free.

Japanese Iris Festival (Katsushika Shoubu Matsuri) | May.27 - Jun.16. 2019

Katsushika-ku Ward has a traditional iris garden "Horikiri Iris Garden" with a history of hundred years, has depicted in Ukiyoe woodblock prints by renowned artists such as Utagawa Hiroshige and Suzuki Harunobu.

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2019 | May.29 - Jun.16

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA) is a qualifying film festival for the annual Academy Awards® and one of Asia’s largest international short film festivals. 

Ajisai Flower (Hydrangea) Festival at Takahatafudo Temple | Jun.1- Jun.30 2019

Located in the western area of Tokyo Prefecture, this historic temple has 2700 Hydrangea in 200 different varieties, fill the temple ground and the hillside behind the building.

2019 INTERNATIONAL TOKYO TOY SHOW | Jun 13,14 (Biz days) - Jun.15,16 (Public days)

Tthe largest ttoy exhibition held in Japan, showcasing the latest trends in toy and hobby industries

Oedo Waen Soba and Sake Festival | Jun. 12-16. 2019

A large food event featuring Soba noodles and Japanese sake will take place at Yoyogi Park in central Tokyo. Visitors can enjoy the taste of famous Soba and Sake across Japan.

Tokyo International Projection Mapping Award: Entry close on June.14.2019

Tokyo Big Sight is supporting the young video creators' projection mapping contest  "Tokyo International Projection Mapping Award". Application outline and the entry form can be found on the website. The closing date for entries is June 14th(Fri) 2019.

Japanese Iris Festival in Adachi-ku | Jun.1 - 2 2019

A local festival held at Shoubunuma-koen Garden in Ayase, Adachi-ku ward, where more than 8000 iris flowers will be in bloom, and some jazzy music will be played under the trees. During the festival, a world-food festival will also take place in Ayase town. Admission is free for both.

Hiejinja Shrine Sanno Matsuri | Jun.7 - 17 2019

One of the three largest traditional festivals in Tokyo and even in Japan, has a long history back to the Edo Period

Adachi Traditional Arts and Handcraft Exhibition | Jun.8-9. 2019

The 31st event to exhibit and sell traditional arts and crafts created in Adachi City of Tokyo 23 Wards. At the exhibition site, artisans will demonstrate artisanal techniques and visitors can experience the techniques of traditional craftsmanship.