This annual event in 2021 was canceled due to COVID-19

Shimokitazawa Awa-Odori dance Festival | Canceled

An Awa-Odori dance festival held in Shimokitazawa (called Shimokita for short), a town in the western Tokyo, popular among young Japanese.


Awa-odori is a unique folk dance originally started in Tokushima Prefecture of Shikoku Island. The feature of Awa-odori festival is that dancers and musicians parade through streets while dancing synchronously in lines. Awa-Odori dance is so popular that the dancing events are held in many cities in Japan.

Shimokitazawa Awa-odori dance Festival
下北沢 阿波踊り

August 17(Sat) - 18(Sun) 2019
Time 18:30 - 20:30

Location: Shimokitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Shimokita Awa-Odori official website

YouTube by Shimokita Ichiban

Getting there
From Shinjuku(Odakyu Railway): Take the Odakyu-sen train 小田急線 (Kyuko Express) then get off at Shimokitazawa station (About 7 min ride)

From Shibuya (Keio Railway): Take Keio Inokashira-sen train 京王井の頭線(Kyuko Express) then get off at Shimokitazawa station (About.4 min ride)

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