Food Market Festival at Ebisu - Kitakan Marché | Canceled in 2020

This event in 2020 is cancled

Garden Place in Shibuya. 4 cities in northern greater Tokyo (Kitakan) take part to sell fresh vegetables and their local specialties; Japanese pickles, sweets, Sake, Natto, sausages, cheeses and more.

Kitakan means northern Kanto region or north greater Tokyo, and this event is held in collaboration by four cities; Maebashi, Utsunomiya, Takasaki, and Mito, all of them are a historic city which boats its food production in the healthy environment.

Kitakan Marché

This event in 2020 is cancled

August 31st(Sat) and September 1st(Sun) 2019
Ebisu Garden Place (Ebisu, Shibuya)

Official Website (Facebook)

Getting there
5-min walk from JR Ebisu Station (East Exit) on the Yamanote Line.
7-min walk from Ebisu Subway Station (Exit 1) on the Tokyo Metro.
Ebisu Garden Place

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