Tokyo Green Fest in Kiba Park | May. 15, 2022

Families will spend a day enjoying various woodworking experiences to learn about the green-friendly environment in Tokyo. Admission free.

Tokyo Green Fest in Kiba Park

May 14th and 15th(Sun) 2022 10:00 - 16:00
*The event on 14th was canceled due to expected bad weather.

Venue: Kiba-koen park, Koto-ku, Tokyo

By using thinned woods from Tokyo's forest, visitors can experience wood-crafting: Chopsticks, flower pots, and more.

Kiba-koen is a greenery park located in the eastern Tokyo district. The park used to be a tree storage area that flourished with the lumber industry in Edo period.

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Getting there
10-min walk from Kiba station 木場駅 on Tokyo Metro Tozaisen Line (T13)
15-min walk from Kiyosumi Shirakawa station 清澄白河 on Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line/ Toei Oedo Subway Line (E14)
15-min walk from Kikukawa station 菊川駅 on Shinjuku Subway Line (S12)

By bus
Take the bus No.業10 or No.東20, and get off at the stop; 木場四丁目 (Kiba Yonchoume) OR 東京都現代美術館前 (Tokyo-to Gendai Bijutsukan Mae).
Make sure if your bus goes to the stops near the Kiba-koen park.
Is this bus going to the stop nearby Kiba-koen park?
(Japanese sample)
きばこうえん の ちかくに いきますか?
Kiba-koen no chikaku ni ikimasuka?

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