Yama (King of the world of the dead) Festival/Market | Jan. 15-16

Yama (King of the world of the dead) Festival/Market | Jan. 15 and 16

The hidden-away-from-view statue of Yama, treasured at Shoenji temple 勝専寺 in Kitasenju 北千住, is opened to the public twice a year on 15th, 16th of January and July. 

On those Yama Opening days, food stalls line on the alleys around the temple. Shosenji is small, but a historic temple as Kitasenju is a former post station on the Nikko-kaido Road, Tokugawa Shoguns took the way heading for Nikko from Tokyo. The friendly atmosphere of the old town is another charm of Kitasenju.

Yama King of the world of the dead Festival/Market

Date: January 15th and 16th
Location Shosenji Temple in Kitasenju, Tokyo

YouTube Yama at Shousenji http://youtu.be/E0drhAuM9k0

Google Maps | Shonsenji https://goo.gl/maps/4B6io

Getting there
 15-min walk from Kitasenju Station 北千住駅 (West Exit) on the JR Line, Tobu-sen Line, Tsukuba Express Line, and Chiyoda Subway Line

10-min walk from Senjuohashi Station 千住大橋駅 on the Keisei Line 京成線

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