Nishiaraidaishi Yosakoi Dance Festival | Canceled

This annual dance event in 2021 is canceled due to COVID-19.


Nishiaraidaishi Yosakoi Dance Festival

A local dance festival will take place at Nishiarai-Daishi, a large temple in north Tokyo. During this festival, 20 dancing teams will perform Yosakoi dance in front of the temple. Yosakoi is an advanced folk dance originally from Kochi Prefecture on Shikoku Island. The feature of Yosakoi dance is to dance lively in a group

Date: July 7th(Sun) 2019
Venue: Nishiarai-daishi Temple, Adachi-ku, Tokyo

Getting there
20 min. walk from Nishiarai Station 西新井駅 on the Tobu Railway Line.
3 min. walk from Daishimae Station 大師前駅 on the Daishi-sen line*.
* One-sta ride from Nishiarai Station to Daishimae Station. (The train system is a bit complicated)

If you are familiar with bus system in Tokyo, it is easier to get there by Toei bus. (From Ikebukuro (50-min ride), Ouji sta. (30 min-ride) .

Nishiarai-daishi Information in English by Nishiarai-daishi Shoueikai Shopping Street Association

Google Maps: Nishiarai-daishi Temple

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