Events in Japan

June - 6 :  Roku-gatsu

Events in Japan

Japan Tategu Fair 2019 in Aichi | Jan. 14 and 15. 2019

An exhibition for Tategu or joinery in traditional Japanese style, showcasing artisanal techniques and products by artisans across Japan. This annual exhibition in the year of 2019 will take place in Aichi prefecture.

Houzuki(Ground cherry) Market at Atago-jinja Shrine | Jun.23 - 24

Atago-jinja Shrine is located on the hill top of Atagoyama or Mt Atago, the highest mountain in the 23 wards of Tokyo, at an altitude of 25.7m. Atago-jinja Shrine is known for the thrilling, steep stone stairs. On the hill top of Atagoyama there is also NHK Museum of Broadcasting, the admission is free.


This exhibition comprises of GIFTEX TOKYO, Baby & Kids Expo Tokyo, Fashion Goods & Accessories Expo Tokyo,Table & Kitchenware Expo Tokyo, TOKYO DESIGN PRODUCTS FAIR, Health & Beauty Goods Expo Tokyo, and Interior Products & Furniture Expo

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