Susanoo Shrine Traditional Festival | Jun. 4 and 5. 2022

A traditional festival held at Susano-jinja Shrine in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo. People in the town carry Mikoshi portable shrines and parade in the street around the shrine.

Susanoo-jinja Shrine Tenno Festival

Bult in 795, Susano-jinja Shrine enshrines Susano and Asuka, the gods of protection. The lively festival held at this shrine originally has started in order to drive out evil (plague) that tends to come up in hot & muggy summer. 

Date: June 3rd(Fri)* , 4th(Sat) and 5th(Sun) 2022

* On 3rd for people concerned only.

Susano-jinja Shrine, Minami Senju (Near Senju-ohashi Bridge)

Susanoo-jinja Shrine

Getting there
8 mn walk from Minamisenju Station on the JR Joban-sen Line
8 min walk from Minamisenju Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya-sen Subway Line
10 min walk from Minowa Stop on the Toden Arakawa-sen Street Car

Google Maps : Susano-jinja Shrine

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Susano-jinja Shrine

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